Eat Better to Feel Better

How important is food as it relates to your mood? There is a lot of documented research that indicates that there’s a correlation between food and mood. More specifically, according to the findings of a 2014 study in the online journal PloS One, which looked at diet and depression in 3,663 people, concluded that long-term exposure to an unhealthy diet (processed foods and … [Read more...]

Angela’s Fitness Journey and Tips

How long have you been on your health and fitness journey and why did you get started? First, I would like to say hello and Happy New Year to all who visits this site! I’m very excited to be a part of your health and fitness journey and I hope my writings will influence someone along the way. My name is Angela Sale and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of … [Read more...]

Delicious Turkey Meatballs

I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but I must admit sometimes it can get kind of boring. I feel like I eat the same things over and over and over again. So lately, I've been on a quest to expand my family's healthy eating options. Last night I made these absolutely delicious turkey meatballs and everyone loved them! This weekend I'll try making some vegan raspberry bars … [Read more...]

Food and Mood

How can our diet support our brain's ability to do its best job? This is the question that Dr. Harrison posed in our October webinar on Food and Mood. I think every participant wanted to shout for joy when she said that your diets should definitely consist of carbs. Of course some people think of cake, donuts and buttery pasta when they think of carbs, but she was talking about … [Read more...]

Cuban Style Curried Turkey

I try to eat healthy - for the most part. I mean every now and then my sister-friend, Diane, will make her famously, delicious vegan (yes, I said vegan) chocolate chip cookies and it's impossible for me to have just one. I'm allergic to dairy so I can't have your typical cake, donuts, cookies, brownies, mac and cheese, most pasta and all that other yummy stuff that people eat. … [Read more...]