Faith and Mental Fitness With Sara Holder

I really enjoyed my conversation with the beautiful model, Sara Holder. I had the opportunity to meet her when she walked in Let's Get Mentally Fit's, Style Therapy fashion show in September.  She was not only very professional and poised, but there was a sincere sweetness about her that was captivating, and I knew I wanted to book her for Mental Fitness Matters. After speaking … [Read more...]

The Election Results Matter to College Students

Do you want to know how I feel? If you don’t, then don’t read the article. If you are triggered by certain topics including sexual assault, racism or any other topic such as those, then I caution you as you read what I have to say. In light of the presidential election results I have reflected on what exactly I am feeling. The feeling that resonates with me most is passion. … [Read more...]

Soul Work

Soul level work requires you to be completely honest with yourself; honest about the changes you need to make, the people you need to let go of and the tough decisions you need to make to get back to your best self. There will be a period when you feel vulnerable, raw and maybe even in limbo, but this is both necessary and temporary. Do the work and I promise you will feel … [Read more...]

Mental Fitness Matters With Chezik Tsunoda

In this episode I chat with one of my closest friends, Chezik Tsunoda, about transitioning from successful MTV producer to stay at home mom of 3 boys; her life married to a high-profile Microsoft executive; and how she attempts to stay mentally fit through it all. I not only had so much fun recording this episode, but I learned so much from her. I learned the importance of … [Read more...]

College is Where You Practice Self-Acceptance

I’m a young, black male in America. I am a young, black male in America who plays guitar. I am a young, black male in America who plays guitar and likes rock music. I am a young, black male in America who plays guitar, likes rock music, doesn’t care for sports, wants to do well in school, and has addressed his mental health issues. My point is, after a long time of feeling … [Read more...]