“Let’s Get Mentally Fit” is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that sees mental fitness as a lifestyle choice (just like physical fitness), and confronts the stigma on mental health.  Our mission is to support all those who prioritize their mental fitness by choice and/or by circumstance and help them make informed decisions to live well and without shame. Through digital resources, referrals, support groups, and live events our goal is to create awareness and decrease barriers to effective mental health care.  Whether you’re a mom or a mogul; a college student or a corporate executive, an actor or an activist; a pastor or a president, we believe you have the right to design your life in a way that supports your ability to be your healthiest self.


Our 45-minute educational webinars are held once per month and feature both an educational and discussion component infused with a practical tip to maintain one’s mental fitness.

Ask Dr. Harrison

If you have a question on anything from insomnia and anxiety to self-care at home, school or work, please ask our doctor. Check out some of our readers’ questions and her responses here.

Financial Assistance Fund

LGMF offers financial assistance for mental health care services eligible to individuals and families. Based on your financial need, a portion or all your mental health care session fee may be paid.

We Believe Black Lives Matter. Donate Today!

The Let’s Get Mentally Fit Foundation is both saddened and outraged by the injustice that we are all witnessing when it comes to our black brothers and sisters. We want to let you know that we hear you, we see you, we stand with you, we fight for you and we are here for you. From now until 2021, all  tax deductible funds donated will be geared towards our financial assistance fund. These funds will help pay for therapy for our brothers and sisters experiencing racial trauma.

Mental Fitness Features

Let’s Get Mentally Fit is the proud fiscal sponsor of No More Under while their 501 (c) 3 status is pending. No More Under is an organization dedicated to drowning prevention and water safety in Washington state. The resources and information they provide not only help save lives, but also provide parents with peace of mind.

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Do you know what it means to be mentally fit? Learn more about what mental fitness is and what it is not here.

Did you know that…?

Mental fitness is NOT having a perfect life. Mental fitness IS knowing what makes life fulfilling for you and striving to create that life for yourself.

Mental fitness is NOT being a perfect person. Mental fitness IS knowing how you feel when you are at your best self and striving to do the things that support your ability to be your best self.

Mental fitness is NOT always making the right decision. Mental fitness IS being able to recognize your mistakes, endure the consequences, learn from the consequences, forgive yourself and move on.

Mental fitness is NOT having perfect relationships. Mental fitness IS knowing what defines a fulfilling relationship for you and striving to build those types of relationships.

Mental fitness is NOT never feeling sad. Mental fitness IS recognizing when you feel sad, and identifying a game plan for identifying and resolving your triggers.

Mental fitness is NOT having a perfect life. Mental fitness IS knowing what makes life fulfilling for you and striving to create that life for yourself.

  • Kela Price, Founder/Executive Director
  • Dr. Susan Benson
  • Diane Greene
  • Bianca Harris, Licensed Therapist
  • Nzinga Harrison, MD
  • Trina Morris, Corporate Wellness Expert
  • Marcus Norris-Price
  • Jennifer Patterson
  • James Price
  • Tania Wineglass-Graham, Artist & Teacher

Man Enough To Be Mentally Fit

Mental Fitness Is The New Sexy

Cool Enough Kids Tee

Never Too Young To Get Mentally Fit

“I joined the movement to bring awareness to mental health and the importance of not placing a stigma on it, but to learn more about it. It’s a reality for many. I feel we can do a better job of providing help and support to those dealing with it, if we open our hearts and minds.”

Eboni Deon


“I love this and think this is something we’ve needed for so long.”

Steven Maggi

Host, The Steven Maggi Show

“This continuing education course is one of the best we’ve ever had.”

Fran Taylor

Nurse, Chi Eta Phi

“I took the pledge because the second I read the overview, I realized the importance of the movement, especially today.”

Paul Carrick Brunson

Television Host of "Our World", Author and Professional Matchmaker

“Your workshop for Chi Eta Phi was awesome, thank you!”

Dr. Umeika Stevens, DNP

She is We and We are Resilient

She is mom. Wife. Business woman. Delicate flower. Steel tower. She struggles to raise grounded amazing little people in a world of chaos, to contribute to a highly competitive career world, to tame the mom guilt that is a bi-product of her career, to maintain a hot,...

Why Representation Matters

Let’s talk race. I am a Black man in America. I went to private schools from elementary school to high school and one semester of college. Something that I always noticed was this: there are a LOOOOTTTT of White people and almost no Black people. When I was younger,...

Redefining Vulnerability for Men

So, this is going to be kind of difficult because I hate vulnerability. Yet, I’m about to delve into the topic of men and vulnerability sparked by a post I saw a while back. I rarely cry. As a matter of fact, I hate crying. I am super emotional. But I rarely want to...

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  • Our campaign psychiatrist talks about summer depression and Let’s Get Mentally Fit on The Steven Maggi Show.
  • JC Runyon Foundation sponsored us at their annual gala this year where Mariel Hemingway was the keynote speaker.
  • Our founder, Kela Price, was on Indiana’s Indy Style talk show with Amber Hankins talking about a few of her mental fitness makeover tips.
  • Our annual fundraiser, Style Therapy, was covered by Indiana’s WTHR13’s 11 o’clock news.