Can’t Sleep? Don’t Worry About It

About 6 months ago I called Dr. Nzinga Harrison. Side note: It's so great to have a childhood friend who is a psychiatrist. I couldn't sleep and whenever I'm wrestling with anxiety, insomnia or pretty much anything that I feel I can't combat on my own, I call her for my second opinion. Because she's a fabulous psychiatrist, she was able to give me advice not only in terms that … [Read more...]

Tips for Sleeping Better

Our campaign psychiatrist, Dr. Nzinga Harrison, gives some great practical tips on our First Friday webinars. Recently, she gave some very important tips on the topic of insomnia. Do you ever get in bed and have a tough time turning your mind off so your body can actually rest? Well if you do, below are some great tips to help you sleep better. Go to bed at the same time … [Read more...]

Yoga Improves Sleep

I recently read an article on Psychology Today's website about the benefits of yoga. It stated that Harvard Medical School did research on the many benefits of daily yoga practice, which include the improvement of strength, flexibility, breathing, enhanced mental focus and sleep. This study indicates that yoga can help improve sleep of those who suffer from chronic insomnia. … [Read more...]