About 6 months ago I called Dr. Nzinga Harrison. Side note: It’s so great to have a childhood friend who is a psychiatrist. I couldn’t sleep and whenever I’m wrestling with anxiety, insomnia or pretty much anything that I feel I can’t combat on my own, I call her for my second opinion. Because she’s a fabulous psychiatrist, she was able to give me advice not only in terms that I completely understood, but that made me relax enough to actually fall asleep. Her advice was actually quite simple. She said, “If you can’t sleep, don’t worry about it.” Simple enough, right? Well, it might be easier said than done, but once she explained it and my brain got it, it was actually that simple. Dr. Harrison explained that no amount of wishing, hoping or worrying will help you fall asleep. It actually does the exact opposite. It’s like trying to forget a song that you can’t get out of your head. The more you try to forget it, the more it stays on the brain. Sleep is the same way. The more you try to wish for it, worry about it or control it, the less relaxed you’ll be. So next time you have trouble sleeping, relinquish your control and don’t worry about it. Learn to accept that sometimes all of us have sleepless nights and that’s okay. It will only drive you nuts, if you let it. You WILL eventually sleep well again, I promise! For now, just let “good enough” be ok :-)

Be Well,