Style Therapy


Imagine a world where people are just as concerned about their mental fitness as they are their physical fitness. A world where people are intentional about incorporating mental fitness into their lifeSTYLE. This is a world where style is a matter of how you feel on the inside and your ability to be your best self. A world where it’s okay to say, “I’m not okay” and the mental health stigma has been completely removed.

We are happy to say that our first annual Style Therapy experience did all of the above and so much more! With a full house, we displayed fashions from some fabulous designers and boutiques and models of all shapes, sizes and colors showed us what it means to feel comfortable in your own skin. Wthr 13’s, Andrea Morehead, was a fantastic host and the closing of the show left everyone feeling both compassionate and empowered. Thank you to everyone who joined us and who helped make our first event a success. From our sponsors to the designers to the models and especially the people who attended, we are so grateful for your support. Check out some pictures from the show below!

Thank you to our sponsors!



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