“I joined the campaign to bring awareness to mental health and the importance of not placing a stigma on it, but to learn more about it. It’s a reality for many. I feel we can do a better job of providing help and support to those dealing with it, if we open our hearts and minds.” ~Eboni Deon, WISHTV 8 meteorologist

“I took the pledge because the second I read the overview, I realized the importance of the movement, especially today.” ~Paul Carrick Brunson, television host, author and professional matchmaker

“I am happy to be part of this campaign and will proudly wear my t-shirt.” Donna Broadnax, pledge supporter

“This continuing education course is one of the best we’ve ever had.” ~Fran Taylor, nurse of Chi Eta Phi

“Your workshop for Chi Eta Phi was awesome, thank you!” ~Dr. Umeika Stevens, DNP

“I love this and think this is something we’ve needed for so long.” ~Steven Maggi, host of The Steven Maggi Show