I joined the campaign to bring awareness to mental health and the importance of not placing a stigma on it, but to learn more about it. It’s a reality for many. I feel we can do a better job of providing help and support to those dealing with it, if we open our hearts and minds.

Eboni Deon

Meteorolgoist, WISHTV 8

I took the pledge because the second I read the overview, I realized the importance of the movement, especially today.

Paul Carrick Brunson

Television Host, Author and Professtional Matchmaker

I am happy to be part of this campaign and will proudly wear my t-shirt.

Donna Broadnax

Pledge Supporter

This continuing education course is one of the best we’ve ever had.

Fran Taylor

Nurse, Chi Eta Phi

Your workshop for Chi Eta Phi was awesome, thank you!

Dr. Umeika Stevens


I love this and think this is something we’ve needed for so long.

Steven Maggie

Host, The Steven Maggi Show