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She is We and We are Resilient

She is mom. Wife. Business woman. Delicate flower. Steel tower. She struggles to raise grounded amazing little people in a world of chaos, to contribute to a highly competitive career world, to tame the mom guilt that is a bi-product of her career, to maintain a hot,...

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Why Representation Matters

Let’s talk race. I am a Black man in America. I went to private schools from elementary school to high school and one semester of college. Something that I always noticed was this: there are a LOOOOTTTT of White people and almost no Black people. When I was younger,...

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Redefining Vulnerability for Men

So, this is going to be kind of difficult because I hate vulnerability. Yet, I’m about to delve into the topic of men and vulnerability sparked by a post I saw a while back. I rarely cry. As a matter of fact, I hate crying. I am super emotional. But I rarely want to...

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What Teachers Should Know About Kids With Anxiety

Anxiety is something that is very difficult to understand, whether you're an observer or it affects you directly. At times, it's like a scary monster that seemingly comes out of nowhere.  Your heart races, your palms get sweaty, a lump develops in your throat and you...

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Why Maia Campbell’s Illness Isn’t Funny

Like most people, I have seen the video of Maia Campbell that has unfortunately gone viral. If you're reading this and you've seen it, you probably saw a video of a former actress begging for crack. If you've seen it and you laughed, you need a wake-up call. Maia...

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Mindfulness Activities for Kids

We live in a world that is plagued by constant stimulation and it causes us to act in ways that probably even surprise us at times. As adults, we can get easily agitated, angrier, and overwhelmed when we don't intentionally focus on shutting our brains off. So,...

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