Mental Fitness Matters

The Mental Fitness Matters podcast is a chance to continue the very necessary discussion regarding mental fitness. Having said, Price firmly believes in doing so in a way that is inspiring instead of intimidating. Additionally, her goal has always been to encourage people to be proactive about getting mentally fit and dispel the myth that you must look a certain kind of way in order to be intentional about mental fitness. Simply put, everyone thinks that this issue applies to someone other than them. When in fact, the high achievers and overachievers are among the group of people who are largely affected by mental fitness challenges, and must be very intentional about mental fitness. By the same token, these people can be some of the most inspiring and interesting people you will ever chat with and learn from. Join Kela as she chats with doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs, executives, entertainers, educators, pastors and parents about their challenges, their victories and all the nuggets of wisdom they’ve gained along the way. Check out the archived episodes below.

Kela Chats With Former MTV Producer, Chezik Tsunoda

Kela Chats With Model and Missionary, Sara Holder