How to Combat Holiday Stress

I love NBC's new hit, This is Us. If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, it's a provocative series about a white family of 5; mom, dad, their biological twins and their adopoted black son. You can read more about it here.  It's a fantastic show and I really hope you get a chance to check it out. At any rate, I have a point, I promise. On one of the episodes about … [Read more...]

The Election Results Matter to College Students

Do you want to know how I feel? If you don’t, then don’t read the article. If you are triggered by certain topics including sexual assault, racism or any other topic such as those, then I caution you as you read what I have to say. In light of the presidential election results I have reflected on what exactly I am feeling. The feeling that resonates with me most is passion. … [Read more...]

Mental Fitness Confessions of a College Student

  So I’ve written a couple of articles, but up to this point, I haven’t been as candid as I can be. My mother always says that there is a certain amount of healing in transparency; healing for the person sharing their truth and for the person the truth is shared with. People feel less alone and it also opens up doors for support. But here is a little disclaimer: … [Read more...]

College is Where You Practice Self-Acceptance

I’m a young, black male in America. I am a young, black male in America who plays guitar. I am a young, black male in America who plays guitar and likes rock music. I am a young, black male in America who plays guitar, likes rock music, doesn’t care for sports, wants to do well in school, and has addressed his mental health issues. My point is, after a long time of feeling … [Read more...]

Indy Style TV Appearance

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with the beautiful Amber Hankins, co-host of Indy Style TV. We began our chat in the green room before my segment. We talked about motherhood, mental fitness, society's unrealistic expectations of motherhood and how refreshing it is to connect with another mom who "gets it." At any rate, we continued our chat during the segment of Indy … [Read more...]