IndyStyleYesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with the beautiful Amber Hankins, co-host of Indy Style TV. We began our chat in the green room before my segment. We talked about motherhood, mental fitness, society’s unrealistic expectations of motherhood and how refreshing it is to connect with another mom who “gets it.” At any rate, we continued our chat during the segment of Indy Style TV where I talked about a few of my mental fitness makeover tips. Check out my tips and the segment in the sidebar of our homepage, and be on the look out for my new book: The Mental Fitness Makeover: 10 Tips to get Mentally Fit. In the book, I elaborate on each tip to give you a good foundation on which to build a great mental fitness plan.

A special thanks to Tanisha Neely for joining me on  the show to demonstrate alternate nostril breathing; a simple, but powerful technique used to calm the mind.

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