Trina Morris, Founder of Breathe Bro.

As a mother of two black sons and wife of an incredible black man, I have greatly struggled with the current affairs that have forced the creation of the Black Lives Matters campaign. I have not been able to watch the videos of innocent black men being gunned down by police officers. I avoid social media discussions because it’s too painful and honestly, negatively affects my mental health.  Mostly, I don’t like engaging in angry discussions that only lead to more hate. It doesn’t help me when my 20-year old son comes to me expressing how depressed he feels after hearing the verdict about Philando Castile. I hate not knowing what to tell him when he asks me what else can he do to make sure he stays safe. Our good, strong, educated, loving black men, including my son and husband, are hurting. It’s important to me that I give them the coping skills to find peace amidst their confusion and pain. It’s important that they learn how to breathe. This is why  Let’s Get Mentally Fit is a proud partner of Trina Morris a Let’s Get Mentally Fit board member, and the Breathe Bro wellness campaign.

Breathe Bro, which stands for Brothers Re-Establishing Actions to be Human and Empowered, is a wellness campaign that salutes the countless ways in which brothers survive and thrive. It counters the defaming culture, and shares practical rebranding strategies that are within reach, without delay, and beyond anger. Breathe Bro is helping black men take back their peace by teaching them the extraordinary power of a simple breath. We are honored to be breathing with Breathe Bro.