Board of Directors

  • Kela Price

    Kela Price is the Founder and Executive Director of Let’s Get Mentally Fit. With nearly 15 years as a marketing/advertising senior manager, she now uses her skills for mental health advocacy. As a postpartum depression survivor, Kela is passionate about helping to create a world where it’s ok to say, “I’m not Ok.” She has a Bachelor’s degree in communication and is currently working on her Master’s of Science in Psychology.

  • Dr. Susan Benson

    Dr. Susan Benson specializes in health care for women, including but not limited to obstetrical care (normal and high risk), gynecologic surgery with an emphasis on minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery, menopausal care, incontinence care, and adolescent gynecology. She is the Regional Medical Director for Central Primary Care region 2 and has a heart for helping to create postpartum resources for new mothers.

  • Nzinga Harrison, MD.

    Nzinga A. Harrison, MD is a physician with specialties in General Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Harrison as always been passionate about undermining the stigma of addictive disorders and mental illness that prevents people from seeking help.  She currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Anka Behavioral Health, Inc., a California-based mental health system and is the Campaign Psychiatrist for the Let’s Get Mentally Fit campaign.

  • Anika Hutchison

    Anika is a former actress and Indianapolis Colt’s Cheerleader. As the State Director for Bully Police USA, her mission is to improve the quality of life for children who are bullied. Hutchinson is also a survivor of bullying and believes that kids need to learn mental fitness skills in order to cope, advocate for themselves and find a better way of expressing themselves. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication.

  • Grace Rodecap
    Grace Trahan-Rodecap is a former broadcaster with more than 23 years of experience at the anchor desk. Grace left broadcasting in 2012 after it became more and more difficult for her to put her family first. As Grace likes to say, God answered her prayers and she landed a job as marketing/public relations coordinator at her children’s school, The Orchard School. She enjoys long walks, yoga, singing at her church and spending time with her family.
  • Marcus Norris-Price

    Marcus is a college student with a heart of service. He has a unique gift for listening and helping others. His humble nature and desire to want everyone to feel connected and loved is the very reason he is honored to serve on the board of Let’s Get Mentally Fit.

  • Dianne Kelley

    Dianne is a professional storyteller who received her theatre training at the S.C.P.A. (School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Los Angeles). Some years later she moved to Nashville, TN where she ran 6 theatre classes throughout the city. Currently Dianne teaches Preschool at Beth-El Zedick and on the weekends she teaches theatre classes for children 4-8 at the Indiana Repertory Theatre.

  • Diane Greene

    Diane has over 25 years in the legal industry and holds a paralegal degree. She is the President and Publisher of Today’s Modern Family and is a Certified Stepfamily Coach.  Through her coaching practice, Diane teaches individuals to grow and discover new purposes for their stepfamilies, helps them eliminate the stress associated with stepfamilies and move toward positive co-parenting relationships.


  • James Price

    Over the two decades James Price has held various roles in the field of Healthcare. His most recent position was Lead Contract Analyst for Information Services. Price has also been a little league basketball coach for over 18 years and currently runs our The Playground program; teaching mental fitness principles to kids through basketball. He has a Bachelor’s in Information Systems and a Master’s in Business Administration.