Finding Your Tribe

As we all embark on our unique journeys in life, it should be a given that we need a team of strong supporters to take the  journey with us. I like to call my team my tribe; people who provide unconditional love, unwavering support and the ability to fight for you when you just don't have it in you. A good tribe is essential to any mental fitness plan; not just any kind of … [Read more...]

Effectively Handle Toxic Relationships

In my last post about toxic relationships I discussed the signs and symptoms of the toxic relationship disease. As I stated in that post, we've all been affected by this disease and maybe even some people have been that toxic person in a relationship. If so, I hope that that post enlightened you and I hope my next one will, too. Now that you've learned how to recognize some of … [Read more...]

Say No To Toxic Relationships

We are a society who has become consumed with green living, organic eating, meditation, yoga and there is even this new tiny house movement that has been said to simplify living and reduce stress. While all of those things are great, we often forget about one thing when it comes to attempting to live a healthier, less stressful, simplified life and that's our relationships. We … [Read more...]

A Story of Suicide and Hope

  A few times in my life, since I was very young… depression and anxiety gave way to suicidal thoughts. However, in August 2013, after the devastating loss (by suicide) of someone very dear to my heart, those thoughts turned into actual PLANS. I researched all methods of suicide. Had plans to purchase what was necessary to carry out the method I chose. A date was … [Read more...]

Control and Fear

A control freak? Me? No way! I never thought I would be described as a control freak. I never thought I'd describe myself as a control freak. I don't feel controlling in that mean, I'm all powerful and you better do what I say type of way. However, I recently figured out that controlling doesn't always present itself that way. Sometimes it presents itself as this anxiousness … [Read more...]