In this episode of Mental Fitness Matters, I had the opportunity to chat with my lifelong friend, Vincent Hunt. Vincent is an American Innovator and Entrepreneur and Ceo/Founder of Creator’s Camp. Creator’s Camp is a year-long program designed to expose K-12 students to science, technology, engineering, art, and math. In this chat, we talk about the importance of self-awareness, how we need to teach our children to chase meaning instead of stuff and how the current educational system could be detrimental to our children’s mental health. Vincent dropped nuggets of wisdom that will make almost any parent rethink how we guide our children. It will make college students question whether or not they are going in the direction of what they are uniquely designed to do or the direction they’ve been told to go in. And, it will make educators think about pulling out those God-given gifts their students were born with instead of putting in this “one size fits all” approach to reaching and teaching our youth. If you are a parent, educator or college student, I urge you to listen to this podcast in its entirety.  Below are just a few quotes from our insightful conversation.

“A person with a peaceful mind is a person who understands who they are, their purpose and why they are on this earth.” ~ Vincent Hunt

“One of my mentors taught me five very important words and they are…I. Don’t. Need. Your. Approval.” ~Vincent Hunt

“Uncertainty is not weird. Uncertainty is not dangerous. Uncertainty is safe. Uncertainty is possibility.” ~Vincent Hunt