I really enjoyed my conversation with the beautiful model, Sara Holder. I had the opportunity to meet her when she walked in Let’s Get Mentally Fit’s, Style Therapy fashion show in September.  She was not only very professional and poised, but there was a sincere sweetness about her that was captivating, and I knew I wanted to book her for Mental Fitness Matters. After speaking with her a bit more, I learned that she is a survivor of domestic violence and a model who walks boldly and unapologetically in her faith. In our chat, she discusses how her faith helps her stay mentally fit. She admits to struggling with comparing herself to others, and although her life is not free from challenges, she has found a way to cope and enjoy her journey. Thanks to Roberts and Associates for sponsoring this podcast. Grab a cup of coffee, your favorite smoothie or some fruit flavored water and listen in on our conversation.