man-eating-healthyHow can our diet support our brain’s ability to do its best job? This is the question that Dr. Harrison posed in our October webinar on Food and Mood. I think every participant wanted to shout for joy when she said that your diets should definitely consist of carbs. Of course some people think of cake, donuts and buttery pasta when they think of carbs, but she was talking about a different kind of carbs; good carbs! Good carbs consist of grains, fruits, veggies, nuts, cereal, fish and legumes. Most don’t get as excited when they hear the type of carbs you should eat, but food really does help support our mood. Not to mention that these foods can be really tasty, if you prepare them properly.

That being said, with so many rules being thrown at us like a tennis ball machine, it’s really difficult to keep up with what we should and shouldn’t be eating. What’s good for us one minute might not be good the next and some of us (including me) need a meal plan to follow. What meal plan can we use to help support our mood? Dr. Harrison provided us with an answer called The Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet contains an important source of nutrients called B-12 and folate, that have been linked preventing depression. Find out how food can help improve your mood by listening to our October webinar, Food and Mood, and don’t forget to check out information on The Mediterranean Diet.